Hand Stamped Anniversary Card

I made this card using a set of clear, rubber alphabet stamps that were then applied to a clear acrylic block (and even better – the set of letters by ki memories was only $1.71 in the clearance section at Target:).   Since both the stamps and the block are clear, it allows you to see where you are stamping – so just ink, align, and stamp!  (and I had to be creative with the”&” sign – it is really a partial upside-down “?” with an added stem).  I love how the end result looks like it was made on a printing press!


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Fun with Paper Flowers!

Paper Flowers + Rhinestones + Glitter = Fun!

I had a blast putting together these cards – so easy too! I used one stamp per card, layered some paper, and then played around with the positioning of each paper flower with a selected rhinestone center.  To attach the flowers you can either use tacky glue (Pro: Gives you time to wiggle and rearrange flowers after glue has been applied, Con: slow drying time) or glue gun (Pro: Quick Drying Time, Con: Can’t easily move flowers once you have glued them down).  I finished each card with the added touch of some glitter glue (which again, took some time to dry, but added to the fun factor!)

Note:  Click on a thumbnail photo above to open a larger version

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Save some Moolah – Tip #2

See what supplies you have before buying new things – Be creative with the materials that are already hidden away in your house!  You might surprise yourself by exploring what you already own and what you can do with it.  Unused colorful scrapbooking paper and cardstock can be trimmed to make cards, so you don’t have to buy the fancy boxes of patterned pre-cut cards.  Ribbons, buttons, and beads leftover from other projects can be fun accents on stamped cards!  I almost got rid of some paper-flowers I had until I paired them with a friend’s leftover rhinestones.  I loved the look and have been making a bunch of flower cards since.  I’ll post some pictures soon!

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