Save Some Moolah – Tip #4

I definitely recommend looking for deals in clearance aisles and at discount stores, but I also wanted to offer a tip/warning about being a smart shopper that I learned from experience: do not pick up that “great deal” if it’s not your style or won’t mesh with your current stash of supplies!  For example, if you have a collection of only cutesy image stamps and paper, it doesn’t make much sense to buy elegant sentiment stamps (even at sale price).  With mismatched items, you may not end up using them because they don’t go with what you already have or  you will make cards and wonder why they don’t look “right.”

Just like shopping for your wardrobe, if you find a craft supply that goes with other supplies you already have, you’ll get more use out of it.  If you find something on super sale, but then have to make other purchases in order to use it, you probably aren’t saving much money.  I have made this mistake before, so I just wanted to share a reminder about evaluating if a deal is really a good deal for YOU so that you can avoid the frustration of having mismatched craft supply collections

Also, to get a better idea of what meshes and matches, you can learn more about distinct styles from this free download of the Card Design Handbook Glossary of Design(from Paper Crafts Magazine).

Specifically, look at page 4 to learn or review the differences between these styles: Fun & Cute, Classy & Elegant, Clean & Graphic, and Shabby Chic & Vintage.

As you grow your collection, it’s fine to try new styles, products, and techniques, but just remember to be a savvy craft shopper and think about what you would like to create before you make that purchase so you get more bang for your buck:)


October 26, 2012. Tags: , . Tip.

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  1. Michele Smith replied:

    You are sooooo right! I gravitate to the clearance section and yes I have bought things that aren’t my style just because it was a great deal. And yes, those items are still sitting there just waiting to be used lol! Thanks for the link to the PCM Design tips! I can’t wait to have a look see at that!

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