Marble Magnets on a Stamped Notecard

This project involves a bit more than stamping, but I had to share this fun and easy project!


Making the Marble Magnets:

I wanted to make a little gift for my co-workers to leave on their desks, so I decided to make some marble magnets.  Some great directions are at not martha

To get started I first shrunk and printed some pictures I found online to fit behind the marbles (this took some trial and error to find the right size since the marble magnifies each image a bit).  I also used scrapbooking paper for cute patterns.


  • Clear flat marbles (you can usually find some in a floral section)
  • Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue (to attach the picture to the marble)
  • E6000 glue (to attach the magnet to the paper-backed marble )
  • Scissors
  • ½” magnets (I found some strong ones at Home Depot)

Displaying the Magnets:

The magnets do look cute in tins, but since I couldn’t find some in a timely fashion, I decided to display them in a different way . . .

For the main background card, I used a plain white 5” x 3” notecard (you could also use cardstock or posterboard) and trimmed a patterned piece of paper to be slightly smaller than the notecard.  Using a corner punch, I rounded the corners.  I stuck the paper to the notecard with either a glue stick or some double-sided sticky squares.

For the area where the magnets would go, I then cut a piece of notecard ~ 1½” by ~ 2½” and rounded the corners with my corner punch.  Then I taped 3 paperclips to the back.

I glued this strip (with the paperclip-side pointing down) to my notecard base (with tacky glue) and also added the mittens and Merry Christmas cutouts that I had previously stamped.  The mini jingles bells added a special touch too:)   I just let the cards dry overnight before adding the magnets.  (Once the cards are dry and have the magnets in place, you could also bag the cards if you wanted)


My co-workers got a big kick out of the magnets, so that was fun!

Also, I wanted to share another packaging idea.  I recently saw that Shannon at Madigan Made and Sabrina at Sabby in Suburbia used little washers in their marble magnets packages.  So if you are going out shopping you may want to pick up some little washers since those are flatter than paper clips.

Also don’t be afraid to be creative with shapes for your background! Take a look at this Christmas tree I made out of card stock and posterboard:

And if you want more stamping ideas, check out the rest of my blog:)


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