Save Some Moolah – Tip #3

Check out the website of your favorite craft store and consider signing up for their mailing list.  Many craft stores will mail and/or e-mail you coupons and sale ads if you get on their mailing list.  I have an email account separate from my personal e-mail account that I use to sign up for these mailing lists.  That way I can check this separate e-mail account to look at these emails filled with sales and coupons when I want, but don’t feel bombarded by offers in my personal e-mail box.

My favorite coupons to use are 40% off a single item and 20% off your entire purchase, so be on the look out for those and plan out your shopping trips accordingly so you can maximize your savings and be less tempted for last-minute additions to your shopping cart when you are in the store.


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Save some Moolah – Tip #2

See what supplies you have before buying new things – Be creative with the materials that are already hidden away in your house!  You might surprise yourself by exploring what you already own and what you can do with it.  Unused colorful scrapbooking paper and cardstock can be trimmed to make cards, so you don’t have to buy the fancy boxes of patterned pre-cut cards.  Ribbons, buttons, and beads leftover from other projects can be fun accents on stamped cards!  I almost got rid of some paper-flowers I had until I paired them with a friend’s leftover rhinestones.  I loved the look and have been making a bunch of flower cards since.  I’ll post some pictures soon!

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Save some Moolah – Tip #1

I’m always in search of a good deal and lately I’ve found some great prices on supplies at Target and Ross.  The selection may not be as great as a craft store, but there are some treasures to be found! 

At Target, check out the clearance section near the party/stationery/crafts supplies.  In the past, I have found clear stamp sheets marked down from $7.99 to $1.98.  Also check out their dollar bins in the front of the store for cute paper and cards. 

At Ross, sometimes there is cute scrapbooking paper near where their photo albums are displayed.

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